The Tao of Badass Dating System Review

Badass – the title appeals to the macho sensibilities of the adult males of the target market of the dating e-book. Joshua Pellicer, the author of The Tao of Badass Dating System, is a well-known American dating and relationship coach with his main audience being single men in the prime of their dating lives. His book is arguably one of the most comprehensive guides for dating and relationship, which explains its success in the niche.

Let’s take a look at the merits and demerits of the dating system. Keep in mind that the Joshua Pellicer is not a miracle worker and his Tao of Badass Dating System is not a foolproof bible of dating for men. Keep your expectations in check and you are more likely to get satisfactory results.

Comprehensive Contents

Unlike many e-books on dating and relationships, the Tao of Badass Dating System is based on several scientific studies and specific situations. Joshua Pellicer is well-known for his balanced approach to the subjects using both scientific research and concrete examples to make his point. The result: The e-book is one of the most comprehensive guides with contents that appeal to the sense and sensibilities of the modern-day male living in a liberal equal-rights society.

The coverage also leaves little to no stone unturned in getting the first and subsequent dates. This is not just an e-book that takes men to first base but to homerun as well! A few of the topics discussed in the e-book are:

  • Patterns of success in successfully dating women
  • Making eye contact and projecting an aura of confidence
  • Body language tips
  • Overcoming your fears about dating in general and approaching women in particular
  • Tips on being desirable in the eyes of women
  • Ways that sexual attraction can be killed by your own actions
  • Tricks to avoid rejection even when it seems imminent
  • Ways to get to first base and beyond
  • Learn What Women Want. Click HERE

Customers appreciate it that the e-book also contains a comprehensive video system. Why read through voluminous pages when you can listen and enjoy to video tutorials?

Realistic Tips

Yet another good thing about The Tao of Badass Dating System is the realistic tips, tricks and techniques about dating and relationships that Joshua Pellicer provides for his male readers. He wrote the e-book with the modern 21st-century male in mind instead of the outdated Casanova of yesteryears. The result: Men can easily relate to the specific examples, pieces of advice and information outlined in the e-book.

But the book is not about spoon-feeding either! Males are provided with tricks but they are also encouraged to be sensitive to women’s cues, to be sensible in their approach, and to be themselves. In the end, how you apply Pellicer’s tips will determine your success in the dating scene.


The Tao of Badass Dating System also comes with a few freebies to sweeten the deal. These include free e-books like Monogamy vs. Polygamy eBook, Never Get Cheated on eBook and Escaping the Friendzone eBook. Customers also have the option to subscribe to the newsletter for a one-month free trial period.

How does The Tao of Badass Dating System do? See for yourself but it does come recommended.

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