7 Pick Up Lines That Don’t Work & What to Say Instead

Pick Up Lines That Don’t WorkSometimes when approaching a woman in a bar or a public location, you may want to use a pick up line to capture her attention and strike up a conversation. Just like other arts of dating women, pick up lines are a sensitive matter and your choice of words can easily make or break your chances of having a conversation with a woman.

Because believe it or not, approaching women to attract them – especially in bars – can be done with no blind chance. You see it way too often that a guy approaches a beautiful hot woman and uses some lame old pick up lines hoping to win her attention this way, only ending up being rejected.

Pick Up Lines Can WorkSo when you are about to approach an attractive woman, choosing the right pick up lines are an important key to getting her attention and making her interested to continue talking to you. Because the fact is, bars are generally a popular place for single guys to hang out and often hit on women all night long. For this exact reason, women always have their guards up when they notice a man is trying to approach them – especially when his first words are cheesy pick up lines.

7 Pick Up Lines that Don’t Work

Here are some of the most common pick up lines that don’t work and only end up getting you rejected:

  1.  “Hi, do you believe in love at first sight?”
  2.  “Have I seen you somewhere before?”
  3.  “I’m gonna need a big glass of cold water, cuz baby, you’re making me so HOT”
  4.  “Is your name Hurricane [name]? Because you’re certainly blowing me away.”
  5.  “Hey there, I’m Mr. Right. And I heard you were looking for me.”
  6.  “Hey, can I read your shirt in braille?”
  7.  “Hi, has anybody told you how sexy you look in that dress?”

All these pick up lines are a guaranteed fail because of two main reasons. First, they are overly used by tens or even hundreds of other men on her before. And second, they are just a shallow act trying to get her attention.

Now the good news is, when you know some of the most effective pick up line techniques to ignite a woman’s attention, you can easily spark her interest and get a chance to talk to her more, and perhaps have it lead to something more later.

Easy Tips to Strike Up a Conversation with an Attractive Woman in a Bar

1. Honesty is the best policy

Instead of trying to come up with some smart tricky pick up line trying to get her to like you using tricks, you will be surprised how honesty is the winner in most cases. Today we live in a world where women are educated and smart, and they can smell a lie or a fake attitude from a mile.

So instead of pretending to be something you are not, you can simply walk up to her with a confident smile while keeping eye contact, and say something like, “Hi. My name is John. I noticed you from across the room and just felt the urge to come and talk to you.” Many women find this kind of honesty and confidence attractive.

2. Give her a unique compliment

Now attractive women receive compliments about their lady parts all day long from other men. But how often does it happen that a gentleman pays them a unique compliment about their smile, eyebrows, hands, and so on? And when it comes to approaching women and winning their attention, being unique is the number one rule to success.

So simply find a unique side of her that you can compliment her about. It could be her smile, curly hair, long sexy fingers, freckles and so on. She will be impressed that you are attentive enough to notice and appreciate those small details about her. That will instantly make you stand out from the whole bunch of guys who tried to talk her earlier.

Using the above three creative pick up line ideas and conversation techniques, you can easily approach any girl you want at a party or in a bar and win her attention in a few seconds. She will simply feel drawn to you and will enjoy talking to you – without even realizing why.

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