Magnetic Messaging Product Review

Texting technology has revolutionized the dating scene mainly because of the fast, easy and convenient way in which information (i.e., love texts, flirty messages, and details of dates) can be transmitted anywhere and anytime of the day and night. Just compose your message, send it to your intended recipient and wait for the reply. But text messaging, like all forms of modern-day communication, is a double-edged sword. You can just as easily be rebuffed by a single text, a rejection that stings no matter the medium.

Magnetic Messaging CourseAnd then here comes the Magnetic Messaging product, which was developed by Bobby Rio. The author promises readers that the texting tips, techniques and tricks contained in the product will radically change your batting average, so to speak, in the dating game. The question then is: Does the product deliver?

Product Description

Magnetic Messaging is designed as a comprehensive guide targeted for men with the aim of developing their skills in texting for dating purposes. Basically, the product contains tips, tricks and techniques to connect to, flirt with, and turn on women, which can then lead to casual romps or to committed relationships.

The title says it all: Text messaging to attract women like iron to a magnet.

Interested customers can download the product directly into their personal computers, thus, making it an easy reference guide. Payment can be made via credit cards, PayPal and wire transfer with the assurance that the personal information provided is safe and secure.

Bobby Rio divided the Magnetic Messaging into three messages termed as the Key Lock Sequence, namely:

Discussions on the emotional behavior of women

The focus of the first message is on creating a reliable, trustworthy and personal image via appropriate texts. The goal is to make a woman establish an emotional connection.

Creation of a bond

The second message should consist of short messages designed to forge a powerful bond between the two parties.

Strengthening of desire

The third message should seduce a woman so that her desires are encouraged.

Bobby Rio seems to cover every base in the dating game by maximizing the merits of the text messaging technology and minimizing the inherent risks that come with it.

Product Merits

Magnetic Messaging has many things going for it including:

  • Simplicity. There are three relatively simple text messages involved without complicated tricks of the trade.
  • Detailed. The guide contains detailed notes, discussions and explanations about every step in the text messaging process. The steps can be applied by almost anybody interested in establishing a connection with a woman. Dos and don’ts and clearly explained, too.
  • Affordable. The product provides for good value for your money because its tips are highly effective yet the cost is reasonable.
  • Guarantee. The e-book comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

But like all e-books, Magnetic Messaging has its cons albeit minor in nature. The 185-page e-book can be a lengthy read so customers must have the patience for it. But other than this minor demerit, Magnetic Messaging delivers on the goods. We then rate it a 9 out of 10 for effectiveness.

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