7 Secrets On How to Text A Girl You Like

How To Text A Girl ImageSo you recently met a girl who caught your interest and you wish to start chatting with her through texting. How should you go about it? Well, women are all about feelings and this is what you need to exploit if you wish to capture her heart merely by texting. Do not waste your precious time sending her text messages about things she has no interest in. Find out the things she is really into like hobbies, art, sports and use that to make her like you. Below are 7 tips on how to text a girl you like.

1. Text Her at The Appropriate Time

To make the most of your texts, it is important that you always text her at the appropriate time. Do not send her text messages when you know she is busy or occupied with her friends. She should feel excited reading your text messages, not get irritated because you are continually getting in the way of her happy time.

2. Make Sure You Begin the Conversations with Simple and Warm Lines

Begin with a simple and warm line which feels pleasant to read. This leaves the discussion open; also it will enable you to find out if she is available to chat. “Hi, what are you up to?” or you can use only a smiley face to begin a conversation and make her smile. If she is not free to chat, she will inform you or reply when she is less busy. You simply cannot go wrong with this.

3. Avoid Complaining, Seeming Tired, Bored or Unexciting

Instead, you should act like you are enjoying yourself at whatever you are doing at the moment. This way, she will associate you with happy and good times.

4. Keep You Text Messages Brief and Flirtatious

Do not commit the blunder of attempting to tell her everything about yourself over text message. You should rather keep the texts brief and succinct. However, make them fun. Send her messages that she will enjoy receiving from you. Saying funny things, teasing her, or merely keeping a general flirtatious humor are some excellent ways to do this. This is a time to get to know her and how she is going to react to you.

5. Be Interested in Her Everyday Activities

As you text one another, ask her about her daily life and how she is getting along. This is a good way to let her know you really have interest in her. Also, this may help to make her trust you as well as open up.

6. Do Not Flirt All The Time With Her

It is okay to flirt with her when you have the chance. However do not forget that flirting at all times is wearisome. Instead, show her that you really want to know more about her. Tell her about your daily life and encourage her to speak about her own interests.

7. End Your Discussion Appropriately and Pleasantly

When you believe the time is right to say goodbye, make sure you are the first to say goodbye. But be sure to say goodbye on a positive note. You can make use of romantic words to keep her interest alive.

One final tip about how to text a girl you like: Text her about various subjects as this will keep her curious as well as establish your worth while increasing her comfort level.

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