How to Text A Girl That You Have Interest In

How to Text A GirlSo there is this girl you like, and she has given you her number but you are not sure what to do with it. Maybe you have sent her some text messages, maybe you have not, however you are still not sure the best way to text her in order to create attraction. One very important part of how to text a girl you have interest in is to know how often and when to text her. This article will provide answers to these questions and more.

How Often to Text a Girl You Just Met

The secret to texting ladies is to do it with moderation. You do not want to be sending her text messages all day, every single day. Even if she replies your text each time, it still decreases your worth and makes it appear like you do not have a life of your own. This does not mean you should never reply to a lady’s text message immediately. It is okay to do that. Just don’t be too predictable about it. Sometimes wait 20 minutes. Sometimes wait 2 hours. And at times don’t even reply at all.

When to Send the First Text

You should send her your first text within twenty four hours after you get her number. If you delay longer than that, she might lose any attraction she has for you. In addition, it is an excellent method to avoid the clumsy, “who’s this?” text message back from her. Ideally, you should send her a fast, fun text after five to ten minutes from when you get her number. However make sure your message is playful and casual, to avoid appearing as too eager.

Keep It Simple and Short

If you wish to keep the discussion going, try to keep your texts short, fun, sweet and playful. It is a mistake to send her a love story within your text. Make your texts something she will like getting. Flirting, saying funny things or teasing is the best method to get the type of attention you desire.

What If She Does Not Respond To Your Message?

This can happen at times and it is not a major concern. Just do not quit. If she did not reply to your message, wait one day then send her another text message. If she still fails to respond, wait two days then send her one more text. The attitude you should adopt is that you did not even observe that she did not reply to your text message and simply start the discussion with some casual thread.

If you remember these tips about how to text a girl you have interest in while texting her, you will discover how simple it can be to court a girl via a few text messages and properly timed lines.

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