How to Impress a Girl That You Like

How to Impress a GirlTrying to impress the girl that you like could be a very challenging task because the emotions will prevent you from acting normally. Still, you can learn to control these feelings and to do the things that will have you attracting women of all beauty.

Use Your Sense of Humor

Remember that girls love men who have a nice sense of humor.

Try to find out what makes her laugh and how serious you need to be in her presence. Tell her jokes or learn how to weave lighthearted humor in your conversations.

Making fun of your shortcomings will be charming, as well. It means that you are comfortable with your own self. It also demonstrates a level of self-confidence that your lady will enjoy. Refrain from being bitter about it, however. A fun statement can easily become disturbing, if you take it too far.

Listen to What She Has to Say

To impress a woman, you will simply have to listen to what she has to say. Girls describe the things they like, the events that shaped up their personality and the type of romantic partner that they are looking for.

Try to remember what her favorite flower is, what kinds of activities she enjoys and where she would like to go on a date. Remembering these pieces of information will impress and touch her deeply.

Enjoy a Good Flirt

Being nice is great but you have to show that girl how passionate you feel about her. Learning how to flirt properly is going to definitely impress her.

A good flirt is an art. In order to be successful, you have to enjoy the game. Feeling uncomfortable and shy about it will certainly show and you will make her feel embarrassed and uneasy, as well.

Good flirting has to be subtle and very intelligent. Suggest things and leave the rest to her imagination. Women love to fantasize. There is no need to describe in detail everything that you dream about and want to do. Provide subtle hints and be certain that she will be thinking about it long after the conversation is over.

Be Careful about Becoming Friends

Be very clear about your intentions right from the start. Otherwise, you risk being stuck in the friend zone.

Many women think that men who act nice and who are overly gentle will simply want to be friends. Very often, these men are in love but they have no idea how to express such emotions.

Be nice to her, listen and act as a friend. At the same time, show her that you have romantic interest and intentions. Becoming very close friends and keeping the relationship platonic may deprive you of the opportunity to experience a romantic story together.

You will have to work hard, if you want to impress a girl and make her fall in love. There is no universal formula. Listen to her, learn what she likes and be there for her.

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