How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text & Make Her Want You

Flirt With A Girl Over TextThese days, flirting is not done only physically. With advances in technology, people can now flirt with each other via text messages. Girls are emotional beings. If you are able to reach her emotionally, you can make her want you. You can easily achieve this with text messages. If you really want to learn how to flirt with a girl over text and make her fall for you, you need to bear in mind that females are not visual creatures like men are. This article will show you how to text your way into a girl’s life.

All Things Are Possible

Most men do not initiate contact for the reason that they believe the girl they like will not be interested. You should let her decide that. Be bold and let her know that you really have interest in her. Start by sending her funny text messages. Do not text her every second as that will only make you look like a psycho. One or two texts per day are sufficient.

Use Terms of Endearment

When sending text messages to a girl, use terms which will let her know that you have interest in her. Text her a simple message that says ‘hi baby’ and if she responds then you are half way into her heart. There are several terms that you can use such as sugar, bunny, sweets, cupcake and so on.

Find out Her Likes As well As Dislikes

The flirty text messages that you send to her should be a subtle blend of discussion topics. Therefore, find out the things that interests her in addition to her dislikes. Flirting with her over text messages will be a lot simpler, when you are armed with this knowledge. This is because when your conversations get deep, you will unconsciously learn to find something to talk about by deciphering her thoughts.

Compliment her

When thinking about how to flirt with a girl over text, you should consider using flattery as well as paying compliments. These are great tools to add to your text flirting arsenal. You can say, “You looked gorgeous in that red top you were wearing yesterday.” This will make her feel good about herself. You can learn more from Bobby Rio, the man who created Magnetic Messaging.

No Response?

If she is not responding to your messages, that might be an indication that your texts are not good enough or you are most likely not using the appropriate methods. Try sending her various messages till you discover one that she might have interest in. what you should understand is that people are different in several ways, so what interests one girl may not interest another. If in spite of your efforts, she still continues to ignore your text messages, you should forget about her. There are several other girls out there, and if you are sufficiently patient, you can come across the best lady in town.

When you practice how to flirt with a girl over text, keep in mind that less is more. Your goal is not to irritate her, bore her or make her think that you are desperate. Be humorous and exciting.

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