How To Attract Women: 5 Things That Turn Her Off

How To Attract WomenA lot of men both young and old search in the internet, books, relationship magazines and even journals on how to attract a woman. This simply shows how this topic is so important to men. Most men don’t actually know how to attract beautiful women and as a result they spend money and more money on the smallest information they can get about attracting women. Before you start spending money or searching for how best to attract women it is important for you to understand what turns of women. The following are top 5 things that turn a woman off.

Using bad words
If you are looking for tips on how to attract a woman, it is important that you first of all avoid using bad abusive words. Women are people who like hearing nice words and compliments but if you are used to bad words for example words like cougar, bitch, tits and ass you will definitely turn off a woman. As much as these words may make you sound cool they are words that simply turn them off.

Talking about your ex
Most men make this mistake on their first date and they wonder why the date wasn’t a success. When you talk about your ex most of the time during your first date, demonstrates that you are still nursing wounds and thinking about the ex love. Most of the time, such talks do make women feel that they are just a rebound and is a complete turn off.

Bad table manners
Women love gentle men, men who know how to conduct themselves not only in public but also on the table. There are those table manners that are generally bad for example smacking your lips, talking while chewing, eschewing cutlery and burping. Just conduct yourself in good way remember what your mother taught you about table manners. Good table manners go a long way, not only does it demonstrate that you are a gentle man but it also shows how decent you are thus a simple tip on how to attract a woman.

Avoid rushing things
In this age and time a lot of men think that by telling a woman that he will marry her on a first date will attract the woman. Sometimes it may but most of the time it is complete turn off. Slow things down don’t rush into telling her about how you want to have babies with her, sometimes giving her time and slowing things down works perfectly well.

Being more artificial
A compliment is something every woman appreciates and loves. But do not over compliment her. If you over do this, a woman will simply know that you are dishing them out only to win her heart and be in her good books. It is also nice to be frank with a woman if you don’t agree with whatever she is saying just tell her and she will like you for being frank with her.

In summary, if you are wondering on how to attract a woman just focus on being simple dress decently smell good, compliment her but don’t overdo it, listen to her and above all pronounce her name nicely and you will definitely win her heart.

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