Fun and Flirty Texts for the Dating Game

Fun and Flirty TextsFlirtation is the art of exchanging words, written and/or spoken, as well as expressing through body language the interest of one person for another usually for a deeper relationship than friendship. Indeed, flirting is the start of most romantic relationships because each one expresses a socio-sexual interest in the other.

Dynamics of Flirting in the Modern Age

In the world of instant messaging including text messaging, the dynamics of flirting remain essentially the same but there have been changes brought by the prevalent use of technology in the dating game. One of the parties initiates the flirty text messages that the other person then responds to in a positive manner with his/her own message – and so the exchange of messages begin.

Obviously, flirting via text messaging eliminates many aspects of traditional flirtation including the body language part. There are no conscious and unconscious physical and facial gestures involved, said body language gestures of which include lightly touching the arm, glancing flirtatiously, and sidling up ever so slightly to the other. Just compose the message and send it to the intended recipient’s mobile phone number and the flirtation begins.

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And then there’s also the fact that the sender cannot gauge the exact response of the recipient even when the latter sent a text message in reply. The fact that there is no face-to-face contact is the reason for such uncertainty that, in turn, can be worrisome for both parties. Think of this scenario: You sent a flirty text message to your crush but she failed to send back a message. You will then start worrying about the reasons why – Did she read it? Did she like it? Did she choose not to answer or was she busy? In face-to-face flirtation, you can easily gauge her reaction.

Dos and Don’ts of Flirting Via Text

Be that as it may, you should not dismiss flirting via text messages for several reasons. Everybody has a mobile phone or a smart phone so you can send text messages to somebody you are interested in. Plus, you can remain anonymous, if you want to, which is especially useful when you are too shy about exposing your identity. Of course, flirty texts can also be sent between lovers. Such form of communication can strengthen the bonds of love, rekindle the passion of love, and maintain constant contact in a busy world, among other benefits.

No matter which category you fall into, the following dos and don’ts in flirting via text messages will serve you in good stead:

  • Less is more, as Bobby Rio would say. Your aim is to deliver a sweet, sexy and yet fun message that will set the mood for a later encounter.
  • Use symbols and abbreviations at the end of the message. These add a fun element to your texts. Examples include =) lol and ; )
  • Insert inside jokes.
  • Compliment your recipient in a way that he/she will appreciate.
  • Insert his/her name once just so he/she knows that, indeed, the message was meant for him/her.

And know when to stop, too. There is a thin line between being flirtatious and being dangerous like a stalker.

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