A Quick Guide on Sending Flirty Texts

 Flirty TextsTalking to hot people is now easier than ever. You can do it right at the comfort of your home through social media sites. If you love some speed and fast flirting, you can try some speed dating to score some dates. However, when it comes to the 21st Century modes of communicating love, nothing says l love you!, l want you!, or l need you! like a flirty text.

The popularity of flirty texts is thanks to the production of extremely cool phones that have made everything go mobile. In this article, l will share with you some secrets of getting your flirting game on through texts to where it should be.

The key to getting your texting game right, is knowing when to send flirty texts and when not to send them. If you get this principle right, you are well on your way to enjoying some hot flirting sessions on text. Do not send flirty texts during work hours. Your potential mate is less likely to feel hot and mushy at such times. It is also a good idea to avoid texting past certain hours. As a rule, you should only flirt until 10 pm. This saves you from waking up your potential partner who is too tired to follow your drift.

The best time to flirt through text is during weekends. This is especially so if you are trying to woo a partner who is trying to get a foothold in their career. You can also text them anytime that they are free. I usually prefer doing it late at night just before 10 pm. I realized early on that most people are up for some excitement just before they go to bed. Try not to overdo this rule. You may over flirt and end up turning into a bore. You definitely do not want that.

Hence, only send flirty texts at the most convenient time. Use human psychology to your advantage; reach out at the time when your partner is most receptive. You can send as many flirty texts as you wish when you know your partner is free. Practice moderation. By being too available, you quickly turn into a bore. Always flirt at night right before bedtime. This enhances positive feelings about you on the other person. It also gives you an opportunity to be the last memory of that day. Keep within these tips and flirt away into the heart of the person you desire.

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