Fast Flirting Tips For Guys – How To Get A Girlfriend Quickly

Fast Flirting Tips For GuysIn today’s fast paced world, practically everything is instant and fast. Things are done in the quickest way possible, from getting lunch in two minutes to fast internet access to instant coffee. Dating should be no different. With today’s fast paced way of life, there is virtually no time for meeting a new woman. Fast flirting is an excellent option for anyone who has little or no time for dating, let alone meeting new individuals.

Time Is Ticking Away…

Simply put, fast flirting has to do with meeting a lady and then attempting to seduce her within the briefest possible time. Some might find this somewhat offensive or shallow, however individuals who simply cannot afford to take things slow will certainly appreciate this contemporary approach to dating and flirting. In actual fact, to consider your method of flirting quick and effective, something should have occurred in the first 12 hours.

Approach Immediately

When it comes to fast flirting, you cannot afford to waste even one second. You should make your move once you come across a lady who you are attracted to. This will help improve your confidence as well as portray you as an alpha male. Only beta and need guys take time to develop the courage to approach. If you hesitate before approaching a woman, she will notice and this will decrease your social value in her eyes.

Gauge Her Interest

First you need to determine if the lady in question is available. One excellent way to achieve this is by giving her a fast glance as well as a smile. If the lady returns you smile in a suggestive manner as you approach, chances are that she is available. There is your signal to make your move. Keep in mind that initial impressions matter a great deal, thus make sure you approach her in a confident manner.

Body language is very important

Non verbal communication says a lot more than any words will, with regard to developing attraction with ladies. There are several body language signals that you will have to master so as to boost your success with ladies. Giving her a cheeky smile one or two times during your discussion is an effective method to let the lady know you are interested in her romantically.

Take Your Flirting Up a Notch

Disregard the idea that flirting heavily after only 5 minutes of chatting is too much. While men are basically visual, ladies are attracted to confident, outgoing men. This is, in actual fact, the very essence of fast flirting. It is important that you project these qualities as soon as possible, also once rapport has been created, you should attempt to initiate physical touch at this point, however this should not be overdone. One is not saying you should try putting your hand on her thigh; instead you can brush her hair using your finger tips. Physical touch is much better than even a flirty text to a girl.

Follow This Rule To Build Incredible Attraction

Regardless of how attractive a lady is to you, do not plead for her attention. At some stage you’ll be ready for flirty texts to her, but not now. Actually, if you wish to succeed, you must not display too much interest. Every attractive girl has several men competing for her attention every day thus you have to set yourself apart from them. one way to achieve this is being slightly mischievous, cocky and confident.
Remember that fast flirting is not about making anxious and desperate moves. Your goal is to intrigue her and not to please her (like every other guy). Thus do not try to act like someone else whom you believe the lady will appreciate more.

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