Bobby Rio: Author of Magnetic Messaging

A book – or an e-book, for that matter – is only as good as its content and its contents are only as good as their author. This applies to Bobby Rio and his e-book Magnetic Messaging, which provides men with tips, tricks and techniques to reel in women for dates on the third text message.

As with instructional e-books, the efficacy of the instructions contained in Magnetic Messaging can only be accurately tested with personal experiences. Interested readers, however, can always read the online forums, discussions and reviews for initial judgments on the book. Magnetic Messaging ebook

Let’s go back to the topic of Bobby Rio, its author.

Who is Bobby Rio?

Bobby Rio is a well-known dating expert with proven skills in the field. He is the founder of a popular men’s lifestyle blog,, which provides dating tips for men from how to dress to how to behave while on a date and in bed. His advice has certainly assisted men in their dating skills for which his readers have expressed gratitude.

He first started as a Pick-up Artist with the pseudonym Tony Almeida. His transition to dating advisor as well as publisher of online dating magazines, websites and interactive platforms was logical considering his experience. Today, these platforms are still in existence with thousands of followers – surely, a sign of success for an online author.

Bobby Rio’s latest – and arguably the most comprehensive and influential – work is Magnetic Messaging. This is a downloadable e-book available from its official website at an affordable price. So far, it has been doing well in the business with many positive reviews and thousands of satisfied customers.

Magnetic Messaging deals with the tips, tricks and techniques in taking advantage of texting technology in the dating game. Bobby Rio designed it so that there are only three relatively simple text messages that men can send to women in order to get a first date or to get to first base. The ball will then be largely in the hands of the men when the three text messages have positive reception among the recipients.

Bobby Rio built on his past successes in order to come up with Magnetic Messaging (check out our review here). His past works include e-books like Small Talk Tactics, Teasing and Banter Cheat Sheets, and How to Get Out of the Friend Zone, all of which were successes in their own right. It must be said, nonetheless, that Magnetic Messaging is his best work so far, which shows in its positive reception from the target customers.

What makes Magnetic Messaging different from its competitors? For one thing, the e-book focuses on the use of texting technology to reel in women for first dates. Other dating e-books also discuss several other means of communication like phone calls, e-mails and social networking chats. For another thing, the e-book outlines one of the simplest steps toward getting dates. The three-step text process, known as Key Lock Sequence, is devoid of complicated maneuvers that characterize other dating e-books. In the end, the simpler the instructions, the better the results.

So, is Bobby Rio’s e-book worth buying and reading? Yes, we believe that it is but always remember that the rest – actually sending text messages to the woman you are interested in – is up to you.

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