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The Best Fast Flirting Tips

Fast flirting can be fun but it also requires tons of self-confidence and courage. You get a single chance to impress somebody and to take that opportunity to the next level. In the world of fast flirting, there is no room for errors.

You are on a night out and you spot a gorgeous person in the club. You have to either do something about it or forget the opportunity. Fast flirting is all about making use of the possibilities that life throws your way.

By shvydkova (

By shvydkova (

Use Body Language

People will notice you before you say anything if you use body language to your advantage.

Your eyes, your smile, the way you walk and the manner in which you dance will all reveal something about your personality, attitude and intentions. Arms crossed in front of your body suggest that you are introverted and possibly even hostile. Try to maintain eye contact with the person of interest. Refrain from staring, just show them that you are interested.

Smile, touch your hair and invite them over with your eyes. Masters in the art of flirting know how to achieve their goal without saying a word.

Make a Stunning First Impression

In the world of fast flirting, you get just one chance. Do not even try, if you are uncertain in your ability to make a great first impression.

Throw the clichés out the window. Catch phrases and jokes will no longer do the trick. Get the other person to respond by asking a question or by using a surprising tactic. Doing something completely unorthodox will capture their interest and make them respond.

The Importance of Self-Esteem and a Positive Attitude

Fast flirting is a game for people that have lots of confidence. Being shy and introverted is only going to make you fail.

Understand your best features and learn to love yourself before you try to seduce somebody. Both men and women are attracted to confident individuals. Confidence and arrogance, however, are two different traits that have nothing in common.

Stay positive throughout the experience, even if you get rejected. People like to be around positive, funny and smiling individuals. Feeling defeated right from the start means that you will be going home alone.  There are tips to help you all the way through this process.

It is All about Your Sense of Humor

Your sense of humor is your strongest weapon in the world of fast flirting. Make the person you are interested in laugh. Achieving this goal means that you have already won their heart.

Both genders like people who refrain from taking themselves seriously. Use your flaws to your advantage. The ability to make fun of yourself speaks of intelligence and even confidence. When trying to make somebody laugh, it is important to be your normal self and to act naturally. Forcing it it will make your behavior artificial, minimizing the chances of success.

The most important rule of fast flirting is that you should enjoy every minute. Feeling good and enjoying yourself will get others interested in you.

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