Tips on How to Text a Girl

How To Text A Girl ImageTexting girls properly is an art and a science that few men have mastered. Many find it difficult to break away from the clichés and the boring, annoying messages. To make her think of you and to get her excited, you will need to learn when to text her, what to include in the messages and how far to go.

Start Slow

Some girls like humorous messages, others prefer naughty texts. It is important to start slow and figure out what she is comfortable with.

Begin with everyday topics and show interest in her life. Pay close attention to her responses. Are they funny? Is she capable of making fun of herself? Does she flirt with you? Her tone will let you know what she thinks and how she feels about you.

Avoid the Cliches

Girls hate aggressiveness and they hate clichés. If you have nothing interesting and fun to say, refrain from texting her.

The general messages and flirts that every guy uses will fail to impress her. To achieve success, personalize your texts. Focus on something she said, on the dress she was wearing the last time you saw her or on an insider’s joke. Paying attention to such details will impress her and show her that you are really interested.

Don’t Send Her 100 Messages Per Day

Text her in the evening to let her know that you are thinking about her. Send a second message in case she responds and asks a question. Texting her infrequently is one of the best strategies to keep her interested.

Sending a text every five minutes will show one thing – that you are desperate. You will annoy her and make that lady ignore you. Texting should happen infrequently, only when you come up with something fun and exciting to write about.

Keep it Short, Sweet and Polite

Keep it short! This is one of the best strategies for texting girls. Some of the funniest, wittiest and sweetest messages are one-sentence long.

Refrain from dedicating poems or odes to her. She will probably read the first few words and lose interest. To get her full attention, pack a short message with tons of meaning.

Flirting with her through text is fun but you should refrain from doing it all the time. Be polite and sweet. Texting can get naughty but you have to learn how to balance it. Girls like compliments, they like attention and knowing that somebody is thinking about them. Texting is much more than letting her know you are intimately interested.

Get Her to Respond

The best texting strategy involves messages that capture her interest and make her respond immediately.

Ask her a question or keep the statement ambiguous. You will tickle her curiosity and get her to message you back. Tease her. For example, “I have to tell you a little secret…” is a great text. She will immediately text you back to learn what that secret is.